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) to reduce the amount of repetitive typing I was doing. The other day I restored my i Pad from a backup and suddenly keyboard shortcuts that I deleted and/or changed months ago reappeared on all my i OS devices but not on OS X.

As i Cloud became more mature, those keyboard shortcuts suddenly started appearing on my i OS devices, a sign that they were synchronized via i Cloud. I found shortcuts on i OS to be even more useful because of the smaller keyboard and so I started adding more shortcuts for email addresses and set phrases I would use in the languages I communicate in. I didn’t think much of it and just deleted them again.

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Upon updating to i OS 9, users will find that icons for cut, copy and paste are located above the i Pad keyboard, to the left of the Quick Type word suggestions.

I have had a similar issue in the recent past, where suddenly old email signatures popped up in Apple Mail but the issue disappeared by itself somehow.

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This tip works in Safari as well making it a great time saver!

Automatic brightness adjustments are supposed to make it easier to maintain good visibility on your phone, but it really never works as intended.

It usually doesn't adjust properly, leading you to manually pull up the Control Center to adjust brightness via the slider.

Has anyone else seen this issue and maybe have a solution? Update: I got a call back from the Senior Advisor at Apple who asked me to upgrade to i OS 8.1.1 and OS X 10.10.1.

I had done that already yesterday, and this morning I again deleted the keyboard shortcuts on my i Phone.