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stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have taken their on-screen romance off-screen!

According to W, the pair and Chace Crawford were stuck in the Dallas airport yesterday (pictured here). They were being very flirty when people were not paying attention…

magazine is reporting that an ambivalent Leighton dumped a "heartbroken" Sebastian Stan because she "doesn't know how to be in a relationship and doesn't really like them." HA. Her jaded romantic sentiments will surely be welcomed company for a cuckolded Ed.

In other circumstantial proof of an impending romance, a Chuck/Blair on-and-off-the-screen romance would make logical sense as Leighton Meester continues to chase Blake Lively's fame.

Lively, of course, is now married to Ryan Reynolds.

Was it the prep school vibes, the excellent costumes, or the gorgeous young actors? But it’s one of those great, fun things about making a television series — it’s an evolving, living, breathing thing, and things can easily change on a whim.”Once the production team saw the chemistry between Leighton Meester (Blair) and Ed Westwick (Chuck), they wrote the romance in.

Chuck (Ed Westwick) finds himself attending an unexpected gathering as he tries to uncover the truth about Bart.

Not far away Blake Lively got married and this even upset many of her fans boys.

Press announces, that Blake Lively started dating actor in 2010.

They met in Louisiana, where Green Latern movie anniversary was celebrated.

People are just crazy about the facts related with Gossip Girl serial star.

like an ill-fated romance between Blair and Dan and Chuck’s struggle with the loss of his father, the dastardly Bart Bass.

Said Josh, “That love story between those two characters was always one of the overarching stories of the whole show, and we knew that.