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” A week of plein-air peeing later, I remembered I hate camping and asked Will if I could use the facilities in the main house that had been built specifically for this purpose.Ever after, every time I needed to go, he would ask, “Do you need to use thing, since they give you a chance to showcase how much you like and respect your parents.You worry about how your date will feel when they find out, and you’d rather prolong that conversation for as long as possible. Any serious discussions can be pretty awkward in a new relationship, and letting someone know that you still live at home can be one of them.It’s best to just state the fact and say it’s temporary.Sometimes when you live at home you’re a little embarrassed and defensive about it, and you feel the need to over-explain how you’re only doing it until you get into grad school and how one third of Millennials* live at home. The only thing worse than living at home is being insecure about living at home. It’s the cover-up.)The word “Millennial” should never be uttered around a person with whom you hope to engage in sex.People wonder why Millennials are having less sex than Generation X, and maybe it's because one is called "Generation X," which sounds like a horny mutant collective, and the other group's been dubbed "Millennials," which sounds like a brand of chewy children’s vitamins. Will lived in his painting studio, 30 feet from his parent’s house. Apparently I’m quite trendy: According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, more and more single professionals are choosing to live with their parents.

A friend of mine wants to move abroad, but she is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Because she has a full-time job and a dance-teaching gig on the side, she barely sees her mother.

You’d think that since I live at home I would gravitate toward men with their own place. Living at home is fine and good and positively European, a mantra that you can repeat in the mirror 20 times every morning so you don’t ever have to say it on a date.

Instead, in an effort to truly recapture the spirit of my youth, I’ve dated several guys who enjoy unbridled access to their parent’s pantry. While being positively European is great, having sex in your natal home as an adult requires a healthy dose of gumption and certain amount of finesse. Or, at least, how to keep your date from running from your bunk-bed.

If you were living elsewhere, your parents probably wouldn’t know anything, but because you live under their roof, they know how often you’re going on dates, and if you’re actually good at it. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who will turn you down for doing what makes sense financially.

If someone starts treating you badly because of this, then ditch them.