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Prize expiration dates are also published in the Kansas Lottery's quarterly newsletter, available free of charge at Lottery retailers. Remember, lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning the person who "bears" the ticket can claim it, regardless of who purchased the ticket.

Prizes of 0 and more must be claimed at the Kansas Lottery office, either in person or by mail, and you must complete a claim form.The John Ford classics, Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, modern deconstructions like Unforgiven and Django Unchained, series like Deadwood or Westworld, to name but a few.We also love the games: Outlaws, Gun, Call of Juarez and of course, Red Dead Redemption. Some looking for thrills of the frontier, some seeking riches and some just looking for a new beginning.Some folk sought justice, some sought revenge, and some just trying to run from something.” WILD WEST ONLINE is a emergent systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, Pv P combat, Pv E missions and much, much more.