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When she’s blind, Gina depends almost entirely on James. They live together in Bangkok, where he sells life insurance.Still traumatized by flashbacks to the accident that killed her parents and left her blinded more than a decade earlier, Gina spends her days hanging around their apartment — a minimalistic loft decorated just the way he likes it — or else getting exercise down at the local pool (where she’s not the least bit distracted by the handsome men in Speedos).Forster and co-writer Sean Conway, include a telling scene in which James takes her out to a nightclub, but spoils her fun by telling her that dancing makes them “look stupid.” Gina doesn’t realize it, but she’s the perfect trophy wife — a lovely, submissive young woman whose disability spares James the need for jealousy.

The location has previously been used in Call the Midwife (2012-2015), Mr Turner (2015) and Les Miserables (2013).

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